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About me

I was born in a small town on the edge of the English Lake District. Thus, I spent my formative years, roaming the mountains, scrambling up steep gullies and striding lofty ridges, in all weather. While many of my compatriots spent their holidays on the sun soaked beaches of Spain, I was out exploring the remote wind swept peaks of Scotland (nothing has changed; I still haven't been to Bali).

I came to Western Australia in 1982 and have lived here ever since, working in the mining and oil and gas industries. As much of my spare time as possible has been spent exploring the wild corners of this state; on foot of course.

Tony Morphet

About torridonbooks.com.au.

Within the pages of this website, the web portal of Torridon Publications, you will find updates to the published guide books, together with information about future publications. You will also find more general information on bushwalking in Western Australia. Material that does not fall within the scope of the guide books, but answers some of the many questions posed by walkers I meet along the trails. It also allows me to share some of the knowledge and experience gained through many years of exploring the natural beauty of Western Australia.

Torridon Publications
This small self-publishing company was formed in 1996 to publish two bushwalking guide books to the Stirling Ranges. Plans to publish other guide books have so far been thwarted by the more pressing need to earn a living. However; I think I may have finally put this need behind me. I shall return once more to pen and paper and try and pick up where I left off, with a book on the Blackwood River, and another on a selection of forest walks in the south west.

Mountain Walks in the Stirling Ranges
I do not intend to revise or reprint either of the "Mountain Walks in the Stirling Range" books, in their present form. I may bring out a combined book, but this would not include any of the off track walks. The Stirling Ridge walk would of course be included.


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