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Arthur's Knob is the most eastern protuberance of the Stirling Range and the lowest of all the named peaks and hills. Tucked away behind the foothills of Ellen's Peak, it displays no features of significance and is barely visible, let alone noticeable, from any of the grand peaks of the eastern ridge. Little wonder then that it got left out of "Mountain Walks" part 2.

The easiest approach to Arthur's Knob is from the new entrance to the National Park at Gnowellen Road. Follow either the North East track or the Boundary Fence track west for three kilometres, then take the Ellen Track south for about a kilometre. The track crosses a creek, then turns east along the foot of Arthur's Knob. Leave the Ellen Track here and walk south up low scrub and gravel to the summit.

Apart from the "slime most foul", at the start of both the North East track and the Boundary Fence tracks, the firebreak tracks provide good access to the foot of the hill. It's then an easy walk of about another kilometre to the summit. Allow three to four hours for the return trip

The summit is broad and open and the views fairly ordinary; just a glimpse of the Stirling Ridge over the higher foot hills of Ellen's Peak.


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