Bushwalking in the South west of Western Australia
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Stirling Ridge Walk
A Photo gallery of the Stirling Ridge walk gives walkers a glimpse at the terrain, the natural history and at some environmental concerns about the walk.

Stirling Range
Substantial changes to the management of the National Park have taken place. Public access to the National Park has been reduced and many of the tracks have been closed.

Eastern access to the Stirling Ridge Walk
Closure of the Glenelg entrance to the National park restricts access to the Stirling Ridge walk.

The Stirling Range Mountain Bells
Find out more about this small group of wildflowers that are unique to the Stirling Range.

Trekking Poles
Find out how and where to use trekking poles.

As before, some of the photographs at the top of the pages are clickable, to enable larger pictures.

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Mountain Walks in the Stirling Range - Part 2 is now out of print
The eastern peaks book detailing the Stirling Ridge walk has now completely sold out. I am in the process of producing a new book entitled "Walks in the Porongurup and Stirling Ranges" and this will include The Stirling Ridge Walk; however, it's still some time away from completion. In the meantime you'll find updates to the old book, and some further information at Stirling Ridge Walk

More information on bushwalking in the South West of Western Australia
Take a look at The Walks for information on some of the best bushwalking areas in the south west and on the more popular walks.
For the latest information about the Stirling Range and updates to the mountain walks, follow the links to the Stirling Range . The changes to the approach to Ellen's Peak from Glenelg will be of particular interest to Stirling Ridge Walkers.

Getting your bushwalking expedition off the ground
The Gear takes a look at what you'll need to get started. It contains checklists and a calculator to help decide what to take on those backpacking adventures.
A review of trekking poles is the first of a series of articles on some of the equipment now available to bushwalkers.

Argyle Forest

Remains of railway sleepers laid directly on to the forest floor in Argyle forest
Discover the remains of railway sleepers, laid directly on to the forest floor, in Argyle Forest.

Boranup Karri Forest

Boranup Karri Forest
Details of a 15 kilometre circular walk in Boranup Karri Forest.

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